2nd Wedding Anniversary – The Day

08 November 2012|

*This post is long overdue but is finally complete and now ready to be published…*

2 October 2010
The Wedding Day

2 October 2012
2nd Wedding Anniversary

Two years already? 
I cannot believe how time has flown by? But at the same time, I feel like I’ve been married for ten years! No matter the time, I love being married. Being a wife. Having a husband. Being one half of a whole. It’s the best!

Our wedding day was so magical and wonderful. A true fairytale.

And every year I wish we could do it all over again. 
Why not get married EVERY year on the same day? Husband and bank account don’t seem to agree with this.
(Guess I’ll just have to stick to a 10 year vow renewal)

The good thing though is MC and I agreed on our honeymoon that we would celebrate our anniversary every year, in a very special way. And also try always go on more ‘honeymoons’ over our anniversary, just the two of us. Obviously.

It started with breakfast in bed with our little SJ and a big balloon

Presents for me and presents for MC

Red Velvet heart cake and photo memories

Wedding traditions of lighting wedding candle and watching DVD, and sushi dinner

We planned our anniversary getaway for a little later in the month as we needed granny to babysit and she was away over our anniversary. Such a special day to celebrate the most magical day of our lives – especially our first anniversary with our little miracle, SJ. Looking forward to many more years and celebrations to come.

Thank you MC for the best two years of my life. 
What an incredible journey it has been.

*Please excuse the quality of the pics, they are from the trusty iPhones.


  1. happy anniversary! i think it's so great you make your anniversary special. i want to do that with my future husband too even 7, 10, 15 years down the line. ps. is that cotton candy present! awesome!

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