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30 October 2012|

13 April 2012
The day you were born.

14 October 2012
The day we dedicated you to our dear Lord.
We decided a while ago that instead of having our little SJ christened or baptized in a church, we would have a dedication for her at home. This was a personal opinion as our pastor explained that a dedication was a more informal occasion where we dedicated her and promise to bring her up in a Christian home but that one day, she could make the decision to follow the Lord.
We chose a day that she would be of an interactive age and when her godmother, and our close family and friends could join us. My wonderful in-laws allowed us to use their beautiful seaside home as the venue – we have the small service upstairs and then invited guests to a light meal and to mingle downstairs.
I used to work for an Advertising and Events company and with many amazing eventing blogs as well as Pinterest, I put a few ideas together and planned the day myself. I have been blessed to work with great suppliers and vendors (all credited below) but the ladies at Glee Projects brought everything together for me. We played around with ideas and they put the final touches together and did all our printing – they made my life a whole lot easier.
The day was so beautiful and special, we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Our little SJ, you are a blessing to us all sweet child… I think pictures speak 1000 words. Enjoy!

All those who made it happen:

Thank you to our special family and friends for a blessed day


  1. Oh my goodness. What an amazingly special day Caley!!! Your princess is simply beautiful and it looks like her dedication was unforgeable. Everything looked so beautiful and special.
    On a funny note … I finally got some time to visit your blog and I realised that our families know each other!!! After all our back and forth emails I should have realised. Your father in law and my father in law were best friends in school! In fact they were at your wedding! hee hee … I love how we finally get to meet through our blogs :0) Sending you a warm big hug. I look forward to many more chats and following your beautiful blog!
    Big hugs.
    Janine Robinson

  2. You are such a gorgeous family and I love how happy little Sophie looks. Those blue eyes are sure to make some knees weak when she's older!

    This is such a great idea, to rather have a dedication. I'm not Baptist or anything like that, but the idea of baptising when you know what you are doing and truly giving your heart to God when you are older just has so much more meaning!

    By the way, the decorations are so flipping cute! It must have taken hours to set everything up. Luckily, you have the background for it 🙂

  3. this made my heart swell! I really love this. And now I'm thinking about a dedication instead of a baptism. For the same reasons you outlined above, I really hope to let him decide but promise to bring him up in a home that knows the Lord.

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