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01 October 2012|

I’m linking up with From Mrs to Mama again this week… Another Monday of Show & Tell.

Show & Tell: All my favorites

1. Tell us about your 5 favorite memories in your life.

  • 26 September 2006 – The day MC and I met
  • 14 December 2009 – The day MC got down on one knee and proposed
  • 2 October 2010 – The day I got married
  • 13 April 2012 – The day our baby girl, SJ was born
  • 6 September 2012 – The day we started building our dream home

2. Show us 3 of your favorite beauty products.

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3. Tell us what your favorite TV shows are to watch.

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4. Show us 2 of your favorite pictures.

5. Tell us your favorite things to do during “me time.”

  • Cuddle under a thick duvet
  • Drinking a cup of tea
  • Eating a slab of chocolate
  • Reading a good book or magazine
What are your favorites?

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