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23 October 2012|

I have officially declared myself emotional.
No tears. No drama. Just emotional. 
Maybe even sad.
(and no, it is not that time of the month!) 

I went to bed on Sunday evening with 122 followers.
I woke up to 121.

That can only mean one thing.
Someone decided to unfollow.
That’s ok, I don’t hold grudges and I am sure they have their reasoning.

But it has made me sad.
I’m sorry. 
Hope I didn’t offend anyone. Or make you sad. Or even bore you.
I am sorry.

But I am a big girl.
And when life throw’s you lemons, ask for tequila make lemonade.

And the rest of you make it all worthwhile.
And make me smile.
Thank you.


  1. But now you have 122 again. I know exactly what it feels like, I've been hovering around 249 for months, and then all of a sudden it dropped to 243 0.o

    It made me feel like I am not good enough. And that sucked. But you'll get over it, it's the people that comment that matter!

  2. I was stuck on 30 followers for months and months and it felt like no one ever read my blog. What's the point if there is no interaction?
    I got over myself when I decided not to blog for people but for me. Now I have a few more followers but still no comments!! haha! I will never be happy, will I?
    But I noticed you have gained a follower again 🙂
    Your blog is awesome and it's their loss!

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