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30 October 2012|

To my darling girl,
Leaving you last weekend was hard. Very hard. I honestly thought that I would survive and your daddy would be the one to be pining for you and in tears. But it wasn’t so! It was the hardest few days I’ve had to endure since you were born (including the few newborn sleepless nights!)
Something has happened this past month – we have clicked and bonded in a new and very special way. I can’t seem to let you go (even when you are trying to sleep at night!) and you follow me around every room, never letting me out of your sight. And I love it!
Thank you sweet child for your constant smile and adorable laughs and giggles – you light up every room and put smiles on all our faces. We seem to have a similar laugh and really enjoy each others laughs… Haha, I am laughing just thinking about it now! You are very loved precious girl. You heart is full.
You have become quite vocal this week, and you seem to love the sound of your own voice! Your little coo’s and gurgle’s keep us giggling and entertained. Your favorite sound seems to be “mamamamamama” and yes, I am happy to claim it as your first “mama” (even though there is no association to the word just yet!)
Thank you baby girl, for just being you.

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