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11 October 2012|

Dearest baby girl,

You are almost half way to one! I am in shock at how time really does fly when you have a little babe in the house. Each and every day is a new adventure for you and for us, and we are trying our best to treasure these moments and special memories. We have already forgotten you as a tiny baby, and I now understand how women fall pregnant again so quickly… but not your mama. Nope, I want you all to myself for a while longer.

You are so adorably cute my child, your big blue eyes are a treat to stare into and your long black eyelashes make all us girls jealous. But your smile is the what melts our hearts, truly. You are such a happy babe and your favorite thing to do is smile, laugh and giggle. And you are just like mom – when you start giggling, you cannot stop! I don’t know what we did right but you are an absolute pleasure to spend time with and you make everyone happy – how can they not smile back at the precious grin!

You are feisty too, and you know what you want (this could be interesting when you are two!) but there is almost always a valid reason – hungry tummy, tired eyes or horrible decor! And your little squeals or fake coughs just make us laugh even more…

I love you with all my heart baby girl and each and every day is made better knowing you are in our lives and our hearts. Your daddy and I race to see you each morning and after every nap to see you open your eyes with that beautiful smile on your face and watch your body twist and turn with excitement at seeing us – what an incredible feeling.

Thank you Lord for our blessing.


  1. hi there! newest follower to your adorable blog! OMG – i am obsessed with you and your fam! you guys are the sweetest ever and this letter was so beautiful. so happy to have stumbled across your blog.. cant wait to read more and would love if you followed back!

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