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12 October 2012|

Dear Friday… Thank you for coming by so soon. I really need the weekend, even though it is a busy one! I find it quite ironic that a stay-at-home-mom looks forward to the weekend but it’s still exciting to spend time with everyone that works and do “fun stuff”!

Dear rain… Please go away. Really. You have been around for so long and I am so tired of having frizzy hair, wet and cold feet and not knowing to prepare my outfits for the day! And you are no good to our current house building process. Builders don’t work in the rain!

Dear darling mom-in-law… I love and adore you and I am so grateful for everything that you do for me, MC and SJ. We cannot thank you enough for all your help this week (and always!) You are a true angel in our lives and I love the way your face lights up when you see SJ, it is very special.

Dear Atholton school… thank you for the locum phone calls this week. It has been great to be back in the classroom. And the locum way is the easy way – no preparation and no marking. Bonus! Looking forward to being back soon.

Dear suppliers… Please be nice to me on Sunday at SJ’s dedication. I would really appreciate if you all arrived on time, provided great services and did everything right. I don’t feel like problems or shouting at anyone. Let’s work together, nicely.

Dear 50 Shades of Grey movie… Hurry up! I cannot wait to watch it! And that is EXACTLY how I imagined Christian – well done on the cast! (excuse my stupidity – the trailer I was sent is unofficial!)

Dear Bloggers/Readers… Have a fantastic weekend!


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