Day 24

01 October 2012|

Day 24 – A song that you have danced to with your best friend: Wannabe – Spice Girls

This is our favorite song to jump up and disco dance to. My favorite group of girls love this song and there is never a moment when we don’t grab the opportunity to pick up a hairbrush and song along and dance to this song! I am guessing it’s because it was a good old favorite back in our time…?? Either way, we love it (and I have a feeling we always will!)

*I’m almost embarrassed that this song has featured 3 times in this challenge – definitely a favorite!*

What song do you dance to with your best friends?


  1. That was one of my favourite songs as a youngen! I remember my friend and I jumping on the bed and going crazy when we heard it

    Speaking of Spice Girls, did you have the merch? The shoes, the fragrance, the lollipops? I'm glad I wasn't a victim of the shoes, but I pretty much had everything else. Oh, and which Spice Girl were you? hahaah

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