Back to School

10 October 2012|

This is where I was yesterday.
In a classroom.

Who would have thought?
I was always going to be a stay-at-home-mom.
Even with a Post Grade Cum Laude degree in teaching.

But one of my favorite schools called and asked me to locum for two days this week – yesterday and Friday in Grade 6.
And I said yes.
And it was a good day – no prep and no marking. Easy teaching.

Don’t get me wrong though…
I missed my baby girl terribly.
But she was with her darling granny and aunty.
And I don’t think she missed me as much 🙁


  1. Thanks for stopping by Bobbylicious and following 🙂 So nice to connect with more SA bloggers! I'm a teacher too, running the school's library at the moment though. Marking bites 🙁

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