Week in Pictures

03 September 2012|

1. Morning cuddles with my SJ
2. Big smiles for mommy
3. Working hard at the gym
4. Loving the kettlebell class at Flux

5. Raised R150 000 at the JCE Golf Day
6. Tickets to the Mama Magic Baby Expo 
7. My new sewing machine for my first lesson
8. Monthly tradition of Friday cocktail hour (again!)

9. Pamper #1 – gellish french on my fingers
10. Pamper #2 – gellish french on my toes
11. Pamper #3 – surprise full body massage from my sweet friend Faryn
12. Pamper #4 – monthly touch up on my blonde roots

13. Delish seared tuna nigiri from Cape Town Fish Market
14. Having fun with SJ’s Baby Dedication invitations
15. Home made lemonade at the market
16. Beautiful morning at the Wonder Market

What did you do this week?


  1. Aww your daughter is adorable and your week sounds awesome! So much pampering! And the seared tuna looks delicious…
    By the way, it's so cool that you're from South Africa! I've always wanted to visit. A friend of mine just spent three months studying abroad in Cape Town and from the pics I saw, it looked beautifulllll.

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