SJ – Month 2

04 September 2012|

Month 2:

Weight: 4,92kgs

Height: 54cm

Clothing size: Still in newborn and 0-3 months, but also slowly starting to fit into 1-3 months

Diaper size: Just moved to size 2

Feeding: 120mls every 2,5-3 hours. Now in a great daily routine, feeding at 7am, 10am, 12.30am, 3pm and 6pm)

Sleep: Still a little angel sleeper – she sleeps in between every feed during the day for 1,5-2 hours. At night, she goes down at 7pm, now waking only once at 3am and then wakes at 7am.

Milestones: She is focuscing well and following objects, she responds to noises, and she loves to smile, laugh and giggle.

Loves: Baths with daddy, cuddles and kisses, loves to sing and dance with mommy.

Dislikes: Having her hair washed or brushed, putting her arms through sleeves, being swaddled.

Adventures: We went on our first weekend getaway for Mother’s Day. We took both grannies to the Midlands and we had a wonderful time in the fresh air (and slept through first hail storm). Also went to first international rugby match in a Springbok baby outfit. 

Mommy and Daddy could not get through the month without: Victoria (or Gogo) who is the lady who helps us around the house and is our nanny. She is an amazing woman who absolutely adores SJ and I am so blessed to trust someone else with our little princess.

*Monthly pictures taken by the beautiful and talented, Bron Fourie from Vanilla Photography


  1. she is just so sweet. so new and pretty and pink!
    thanks for your comment about my artwork. it seriously made me smile. you're too kind 🙂 i like to think i am improving too. thank you again!
    now following on this blog for ellie!

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