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24 September 2012|

I am loving all these different link ups, all so creative… Today, I am linking up with Becky from From Mrs to Mama for a few show & tell questions and answers. Join in the fun! 

Show & Tell: Stuck on an island

1. Tell us, if you could only take 5 people with you to a deserted

island, who would it be, and why?

Wow, this is a tough one!! I would take my husband MC because I absolutely cannot live without him and he is my rock in all situations, my little baby girl SJ because she is the sweetest little girl whose smile makes me forget all the worries in my life, a family member (I would have to pick this out of a hat as I love and adore them all), a close friend (I would also pick this out of a hat of 6 girls as any of them would be great company) and someone who can catch and cook food for us (because I know I wouldn’t be good at this!)

2. Show us which island you’d like to be deserted at. 

3. Tell us, if you could only bring 3 items with you, what would those items be. And why?

Water – to keep hydrated, sunscreen – to protect from the sun and my wedding ring – it is my prized possession that never leaves my finger.

4. Show us 3 pictures that you would take with you.

 My gorgeous husband I on honeymoon
 My darling little girl
Our special families on our wedding day
5. How do you envision life to be on the island.
I have to be honest, I don’t think I would survive long at all. I would also drive all of those around me absolutely crazy! I am very hygienic and I like the finer luxuries in life (including lights, hot water and a comfortable bed) and I am a very fussy eater so fish and bugs are going to be very difficult to swallow! But if it’s for pure survival, I think I would man up to the task and try my best for little SJ’s sake and to be with my husband (he would be the man of the moment, the one encouraging us to keep going and survive). It would be a great shock to the system, and just writing this has made me realize how lucky I am!


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