03 September 2012|

The word ‘run’ is a swear word, curse word and almost non-existent word in my vocabulary… To put it mildly, I HATE running. I think you should only run if you are being chased. Well, that it was I used to think. My mindset has changed and thank goodness for that! (I was starting to feel like super lazy, running hating and in the minority!)

What could possibly change my mind you ask? Just after I had SJ, and I was still super large and super flabby and I was complaining all day, every day, my darling husband suggested that we enter and run a very popular 21km race in the beautiful Cape Town in April next year. I don’t know if I was drunk or high or hormonal or on another planet… but I agreed to it, and even shook hands on it (he clearly knew I was going to try get out of it!)

So now… I am forced to run! I am forced to start training for this loooooooong race. I am forced to get excited. The good news is – I AM excited (genuinely!). 

Last week I decided that it was a good time to start getting my a$$ into gear and get my feet on the road/treadmill. I downloaded the “Couch to 5k” app on my phone, I arrived for my gym training session 30 minutes earlier and I hit the treadmill. The first week of the program is super easy but it’s a good start, and I actually enjoyed it. I am so very proud of myself for kick-starting my running training and I can happily admit that I may even start to really LIKE this whole running thing and there is even a possibility that I will finish this race and in the cut-off time!

I promise to keep you updated on my progress.
Is there anything you have really had to put your mind to, and achieved?


  1. Exciting! I'm sure you will do great 🙂 I ran cross country in high school so I love running {especially outside} and find it to be the best workout! Good luck!


  2. Good for you Caley!

    I used to cringe whenever I heard the word run (although it always conjured up images in my head of gorgeous shapely toned legs and bums) and we all know its the best and fastest way to tone up. I started using Shapes 10k plan (a 12 week plan to get you into the groove to do a 10k race, just download from the website and you get sent your new schedule every day via email) and I managed to complete my first ever race! Ok, I didn't run the entire thing, I took little breaks here and there and everywhere but it was the most incredible feeling! That was last year and haven't done very much running at all since, but you have just inspired me to get back into it 🙂

    Thank you! xxx

  3. Yipppeee thats so exciting. Its a good race and you will do brilliantly. Ran it once and then hung up my running shoes – not for me. But we are hoping to be there this year to cheer the runners on as my dad does his 27th Ultra Marathon 2 Oceans (NOW THATS CRAZY). So keep up the good training.

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