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12 September 2012|

I have noticed that a few of the blogs that I read on a daily basis have posts that are letters to their unborn babies or babies or toddlers, and I thought this was a lovely idea for SJ and a great way to look back on memories when she grows up… So today, I start writing letters to my darling daughter – Sophie Jade.

Dear SJ,

I cannot believe that you will be 5 months this week! Where has the time gone? It feels like just yesterday, we were anxiously and excitedly being wheeled into theatre, awaiting your imminent arrival. A tiny little babe with dark hair, big blue eyes, a unique birthmark on your back and lungs that you don’t like to use.

To say you have changed our lives is an understatement. You have brought so much joy and happiness (as well as sleepless nights and worried glances) into our lives. You have positively changed our lives and improved everything in our worlds. You have brought our families closer together, you have cemented this great bond we share in our marriage and all our friends are absolutely besotted with your little soul.

You have been a true blessing and little miracle, and you behave like an angel. We are so lucky to have a little cherub that feeds so well, loves to sleep and hates to cry. What more could parents ask for? You settled into a great routine so early on and you started sleeping through at 9 weeks – what did we do to deserve such angelic behaviour?

You are a true daddy’s girl – the apple of his eye, his little princess. I wish you could know and realise how we would move mountains for you and the sparkle in his eye when he talks about you, and the crack in his heart when he is away from you and misses you so much. I have a feeling that he is going to the warm and soft parent and I will have to take the reigns as the authoritarian in our house…

Your smile and laugh just make our days and melt our hearts. You smile with your eyes (just like your daddy) and your little giggle is adorably cute. We love the way that you smile all day, at any time and at any one. You really are a happy girl and we love you lots.

Love mommy x


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