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20 September 2012|

Just as I have started a tradition of writing letters to our darling little girl SJ, I have also now decided to write letters to me beloved husband MC. We aren’t the mushy mushy type (especially in public) but being the English major that I am, I write a lot better than I speak… 
Dearest MC,

What was life like without you? It is a blur, almost nonexistent in my mind. It clearly wasn’t much good because then i would remember it clearly… What I do remember is the day you swept me off my feet (without even knowing!) The impact you had on me with just saying “hi”. And the warm, fuzzy feeling I felt whenever I heard your name or saw your face. You made me believe in ‘love at first sight’.

And now almost 6 years later, we have become one and have created another little life. Could we be any happier or more in love? I think tomorrow we could be – each day just gets better.

The main purpose of this letter is to say THANK YOU and that I am so proud of you. Every day you wake up at the crack of dawn (with a smile on your face), you head off to work and you go the extra mile each and every day to make our lives more comfortable. You get to work early, you leave work late, you work through lunch (and often forget to eat) and you travel distances and time zones – all so SJ and I (and our future family) can be cared for and looked after in the best possible way. 

We never seem to go without or have to ask as you do everything in your power to make sure we shave a roof over our heads (and a new one coming soon!), food on the table every night, clothes on our backs, wheels to drive us around and plenty luxuries too. But most of all you bring love and joy – you shower us both with love and affection (and a lifetime supply of kisses and cuddles) and you bring pure joy and happiness (and your beautiful smile) home with you every day – even after those long, tedious days at the office.

You are never not thinking about us. We are on your mind every second of the day. And you are constantly striving to do your best and put in all your effort for – US! We cannot thank you enough for this unselfishness that you show towards us (and everyone in your life) but most of all, we are so proud of you. So proud of the man you are and the perfect man you want to be. You have the most incredible work ethic and your colleagues are lucky to work with you (and see you most of the day!) We are so proud of all your achievements and all the goals you have strived for and achieved with flying colors.

Is it obvious that we love and adore you too?

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