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21 September 2012|

There isn’t a more powerful word in the English language than – BELIEVE.

This single word means so much to people and everyone has their own individual experience attached to the word. It gives me hope and comfort, and makes me feel good and want to smile. It washes all worries away and makes all goals achievable and all dreams come true. 
So when I stumbled upon the “I believe in” link up by Erin at Living in Yellow, it was a great big shout out to me and I just couldn’t ignore the urge to write down what I believe in…
  • I believe in love at first sight – my marriage is the perfect example.
  • I believe that love is worth waiting for – even 4 years of long distance heartbreak.
  • I believe in quality over quantity – with friends, clothes and food.
  • I believe that baby smiles, giggles and cuddles make everything better – especially from my little SJ.
  • I believe dishonesty is the ultimate betrayal.
  • I believe any form of potato is heaven on my palate.
  • I believe running is only necessary when being chased.
  • I believe Summer is the best season and is welcomed with open arms.
  • I believe I sleep better when my MC is lying next to me.
  • I believe in tidy, clean and uncluttered spaces.
  • I believe a teacher makes one of the greatest impacts on a child’s life.
  • I believe in lazy weekend lie-ins.
  • I believe in the lucky number 13.
What do you believe in?


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