Day 19

24 September 2012|

Day 19 – The first song alphabetically in your iPod/iTunes: The A Team – Ed Sheeran

Okay, now is the time to be completely honest – I am useless when it comes to downloading and purchasing new music on our iTunes. This is MC’s job! I don’t even know half the songs in my iTunes list… I’m not a huge music person. I just go with the flow, whatever MC purchases, I listen to. Another confession is that my iPod is sitting somewhere safely in our house – i have no idea where because I haven’t used it in that long! And my iPhone has been wiped clean of all music because I needed more space for the new IOS 6 download… So this song… was not my choice of music (in fact, I thought it was about The A Team movie, haha!) But it’s the first on the list of A’s!

What is the first song in your list?

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