Day 13

17 September 2012|

My apologies for the delay in my two previous posts and now the over load of the song challenge – the little gremlins in my laptop got hold of my scheduled posts and didn’t post them!! As I was enjoying a super weekend with my family, I had no idea until logging in this morning….

Day 13 – A song that reminds you of a former friend: Mmmbop – Hanson

Wow! This was a real blast from the past! Who even remembers these brothers? And where are they now – my guess is married with kids? When I was in primary school, our whole group of friends were obsessed with these three brothers (we each had our favorite) and of course, their first hit, Mmmbop was blasted from all speakers (and we may have had their posters on our walls *cringe*) as we danced and sang around our teen bedrooms! That long hair, oh no!!
What song reminds you of a former friend?

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