Day 03

07 September 2012|

Day 03 – A song that reminds of you of one/both of your parents: 
Mom: Little Drummer Boy – Boney M

This song brings back funny memories! My mom absolutely loves this song, she tries to sing along but doesn’t know any of the words (and often makes up her own words too!) Every Christmas, for as long as I can remember, my mom would pull out the Boney M Christmas album and play this song on REPEAT!! By Boxing Day, we were more than happy to hear the last of it…
Dad: Spending my Time – Roxette
Roxette is one of my favourite bands (and we recently watched them live in concert!) I love every single one of their songs and I know every word to all the lyrics. My love for Roxette came from my dad, who had every CD and would play the album over and over again whenever I went to visit him. This song in particular was his favourite and from an early age, he played it often and taught me the words. I still love it now and it reminds me of him (and our drives from the airport in Joburg).
What songs remind you of your parents?

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