Where did the name come from?

27 August 2012|

When trying to decide on a name for my new and improved blog – I threw around some ideas and words…
One that kept sticking was “ellie” – this is a cute name for an elephant. An elephant? Why an elephant I hear you ask? Well, for a few reasons actually…
1. Ellie sounds cute
2. These animals pick a partner and keep them for life – loyal and trustworthy marriage or bond
3. An ellie mum looks after her babies and stays with them through upbringing and keeps them safe and protected and fed
4. My hubs, MC and I often hold hands like ellie’s hold trunks/tails
5. I found the sweetest pic of an ellie on a pair of pjs for SJ and I just loved it!
And love? Who doesn’t love the word ‘love’?
Do you have an interesting story about the name of your blog?

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