How it all started?!

24 August 2012|

Two years ago, I started a blog. Mrs Rosie Posie was its name. I’m sure it’s still out there in cyber space… I loved blogging. I loved writing down whatever I wanted to – expressing, exploring, creating. It started out as my own online diary and scrapbook and it became so much more… I “met” people, I read other blogs, I found so many interesting people, blogs, quotes, styles, crafts, photographs, websites… And so much more! It’s not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. A life I have missed…
Why did I stop and give up?! The usual excuse – it consumed me, it became too much. Life became too much. But I like to think that now I have grown up and I have found the balance. I will be disciplined but I will have fun, and I will be all I’ve ever wanted to be… ME!
Welcome and hello to… YOU! 


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