My name is Caley Jade Rosenberg and I’m a 29 year old from Durban, South Africa.
I am a wife to the most amazing man in the world, MC and a mummy to two little angel princesses, SJ (Sophie Jade) and EN (Ellie Nicole). We live in a small city off the East Coast of South Africa where the sun is always shining and the beach is so inviting.
I am a born and bred Durban girl – spending my school years here, my university days studying a BA in English and Communications, and then a Post Grad degree in Teaching and now being a stay-at-home mom (for now!)
My Loves:
Lord Jesus, my gorgeous husband, our sweet baby girls, special family and friends, baking, capturing moments in photography, little pups, interior decor, planning parties, socialising and hosting, the beach, cuddling, the sun, the sea, a good book, sunsets, my bed, exercise, making new friends, shopping for me and others, potatoes, apple devices, bikinis, kisses, flowers and being well-groomed.
My Loathes:
Jealousy, snakes, dirt, avocados, soccer, musical instruments, being late, dishonesty, brussel sprouts, the cold, arrogance and blasphemy.