September Goals

13 Sep 2018|

August came and went with lots of fun, spoils and celebrations for my birthday!

And now it’s September – our first days of Spring, warmer temperatures, a little of rain and travel month for me… So much excitement! I thought I would do my goals a little differently this month – first a recap from last month and just stick to monthly goals (instead of including my weekly and daily goals too!)

August Goals Recap

Focus on finding answers and treatment for my chronic pain Well, we don’t have concrete answers but we do have a plan to help ease the pain – so that’s something

Start training programme to keep fit It was slightly delayed but it’s on track now

Celebrate my birthday!! Yay! The happiest celebration – you can see my party post here.

Cherish having my hubs home I love every moment of having him home, although there has been so much more travel this month.

Expressing my pride in my girls One very proud mama

Blogging shoot and content Done and dusted and cannot wait to show you more.

School fundraiser planning and admin It went off so well and so proud, all the hard work paid off – and my girls had such a fun night!

Digging deeper into our faith and church community Just loving our Church community and the amazing sermons each week. With our crazy schedule, it’s been tough diving into a connect group but hopefully next term.

September Goals

Exercise four times a week

See an improvement in my health

Celebrate our Godson’s special birthday 

Receive and style my birthday present

Enjoy Mommy/Daughter dates with each of my girls

Celebrate our girls school achievements with teacher meetings and Sports Day

Trip to NEW YORK


Attend the MAKE THINGS HAPPEN CONFERENCE with the Cultivate team

What are your goals this month?


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  1. Hi there, what kind of chronic pain are you suffering with?have you been to a specialist yet?it can be very scary not knowing, but once you’ve been diagnosed I’m sure you’ll feel more confident, and find the right treatment path for you. I wish you luck and enjoy all your travels, but remember to take time to smell the roses. Your dance card doesnt always have to be full.

    1. Thanks so much Giselle – it’ chest pain and fatigue. I have seen any specialists and done numerous tests… Trying all we can! x

  2. I bet you’re just crazy with excitement for the cultivate conference!! How wonderful for you. I’m intrigued about your birthday present…

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